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Talking to myself And she heard me

Talking to myself And she heard me

I have several hot, female friends who are bartenders or in that industry. Most are friends for a long time and even knew me when I was married several years ago. I frequent my usual place and see most, but a few others, not as often due to time, and, in one case (of a woman I'd love to see again), distance. It's not that far, but, far enough to keep me from going. '

I have a habit of talking to myself at times, and, one weekend afternoon on my way back from a short road trip, stopped at her place to see her. This is one of the most beautiful, sexy, hot-bodied women I've ever known, with full, 36C, bulging boobs that pop out of her bar shirt. I'm at the bar, having a draft and ordering food, and watching her work, twisting, reaching up, and leaning over, all of which really highlighted how tight her shirt was on those amazing tits, and, my voice was paying too much attention to my eyes, and I blurted out (not loud, but loud enough) "I'd love to have at those tits and body for about an hour".. As she looked up and actually said "What? Did you say something?"in a direct, maybe annoyed, voice tone. Just enough so I'd notice.

It was easy to determine..She definitely heard me. I wasn't loud, but it wasn't under my breath, either. She/we brushed it off, but my embarrassment ran deep. I'd known "Lexi" (name change) for many years, and, she liked me b/c I wasn't a pig around her like most guys. Now, here I was, blurting out comments about her tits and body.

Have seen her twice since, and, either she forgot about it (I didn't), or she's letting it go. I'm still embarrassed about it.
anonymous Friends December 18, 2018 at 2:32 pm 0
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i got caught talking to myself a few times, very embarrassing. One time got caught having a long conversation with myself while pacing back and forth
anonymous 5 years ago
I don't even mind her catching or hearing me talking to myself. It was mostly my direct, my god look at those tits, comments. I'm usually very good around my hot bartender friends, but that time, yes..Just slipped and she heard me. Couldn't even blame it on the beer or being drunk, as I'd only had one draft at that point. This mess-up was all me.
anonymous 5 years ago
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