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At The Pool

Puberty can be a very cruel period for young pre-teens as it is, well have I got one for you. Around the young age of 12 when the hormones just start kicking in and young boys discover young girls life can be interesting. During the dog days of summer the only way to really cool off is at the community pool. It was a summer ritual, a rite of passage a place where boys came of age during the summer Well on one particular summer day the pool had a delayed opening so a rather large gathering formed outside waiting to get in. I would estimate about 20-40 kids, teenagers and a few adults. Me and my friends noticed a group of young girls about our age looking at us, I was sitting on the curb directly in front of them. One of the real cute ones stepped away from the other girls and came in my direction, yep she was checking me out, I was nudging my friends, suddenly my ego was sky high!! I was like "this is it!" I am Charlie Brown and the cute red hair girl is going to dance with me. Oh I was feeling good as I watched her cross the street in my direction, smiling, what a beautiful face..... Then it all came crashing down, in the middle of the street, she said and rather loudly I might add. "Hey boy!" I looked up and smiled look at my friends like see I told you! She said again even louder: "Hey boy!" Now everyone is looking... "Hey boy, your balls are hanging out." I look down at my swim trunks and sure nuff there they were, expose for all to see. Everyone bust out laughing (my so called friends, offered little support) I was humilated, left the area and went back home only to return to that pool days later. Even then some of the life gaurds would tease me about it.
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