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  They say the truth will set you free. But then why is it that every time I tell the truth I get sent to my room?

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  When i was 17 we must undergo to a three days medical exhamination for the National service. Days before the visit an older friend of mine told me that his visit was terrible that he had a doctor who made them strip naked then he had an anal inspection and then the doctor had to check even his balls.
So when i went to this visit i was a bit worryed. Everything went ok for the first two days, but the third turned into the most embarassing day of my life.
I was the first of the cue (probably 50 guys like me or so..) for a visit in a doctor room. We were there worrying because a guy passing by teased us saying the visit we were going to do was really bad.
So when the doctor came out of his room and told us: "ok guys strip, leave your stuff outside, then come in".
Me, thinking about what my friend told me i stripped completely naked and entered the room.
When i entered the room the doctor opened his eyes real wide then said: "I didn't mean naked you coul'd keep your underware on.. well anyway lets visit you" then he bring me out of the room, had a look to the rest of the guy and said: "I see you aren't exhibitionist as this guy. Please keep your underware on!"
then i went back to my stuff as embarassed as i coul'd be while everyone was clapping his hands for me calling me the nudist and laughing hysterically.
I was fucking embarassed!!!
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