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  I work at a college basketball arena in Texas. One of the women's basketball players come around and hangs out in the offices, so she's kind of friends with everyone in the office. Well she always talks shit about how she could beat me in basketball. Being a 24-year-old guy, although she is on a scholarship and is good, I still think I can beat her. So I challenge her to a game and to make things interesting suggest we make a little bet.

Her bet is the loser will have to do anything the winner wants. She's not bad looking, blonde, about 5'11 kind of skinny with nice boobs. I'm about 5'11, 210 (I workout so am in good shape) and am the buildings box office manager.

I'm thinking this could get sexual so am all for it. I ask her if it could be naked or sexual stuff and she says "ANYTHING". I'm in.

So we have out game and I get crushed… 11-4. I say I can’t believe I lost to a girl. She leaves and says she’ll collect her prize tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and she brings me into the girl’s basketball locker room. It’s off-season so I know no one is in there. She suddenly becomes stern, sits on the bench, and tells me to strip naked. I pleaded but she insisted and she did win the bet. So I took off my shirt, tie, shoes, socks, and undershirt. She starts smiling and tells me to take my boxers off. I did. Now I’m standing there stark naked. She tells me to turn around so she can see my butt. I do. She says she likes what she sees and tells me to come over to her. I do and she tells me to lay face down over her lap. I say for what and she says to finish her prize. I do and she begins to spank my butt with her hand. She did so for about 30 smacks and I hear a low laughter coming from the showers. Apparently we weren’t alone. She had invited several of the girls from my office to witness… they were hiding in the shower behind the curtains. Out pops three of my female co-workers (Leah, Tara, and Kelly) laughing and pointing at my red ass. I grabbed my clothes and ran out of there.

They never talk about it in front of anyone but the do snicker and laugh when it is just us. That is the most embarrassing thing ever!!! I was stripped naked and spanked by a female basketball player in front of my female co-workers.

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