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  The most embarrasing moment of my life happened when i was in 8th grade. My parents left house for 4 days so i made a BIG PARTY.

When everyone was at my house, I have ordered pizza. When we started eating, I began to feel like I was going to throw up!

I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. After that I felt better.

Later me and my girlfriend sat on the bed and she asked me to kiss her. When we started kissing, all of the sudden I started to feel bad again. and my worst nightmare happend... I thre up into my girlfriend's mouth! Puke was all over her face and mouth.

I ran to the kitchen to get some paper towels and to clean her face. She was so mad that she went home. I was feeling so stupid that I wanted to kill myself. Next day I went to her home and I said that I was really sorry for last night.

Then we went to the movies and kissed again, but this time with no puke. I was still feeling stupid about this puke thing.
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