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  Trying is the first step towards failure.
Homer Simpson

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  It was a hot summer evening, and my wife and I were preparing to join friends at my wife's friend Jane's house.

My wife took a bath and decided to try one of her new body lotions. She always smells terrific. She dressed in a knee length light summer dress. Looked great! My wife never wears underwear.

Off we went to Jane's house. Got there just as the sun was going down. We had drinks and food, and we were having a good time. Until Jane called her boyfriend's dog General to come into the house. Instantly General was attracted to my wife. He kept trying to put his head up her skirt. I guess the General liked what he smelled.

She became so embarrassed! She kept try to push him away. Before Jane could get to him to take him outside, he had a huge hard on. Everyone laughed, except my wife. And to this day, every time that Jane calls her up, she ends the call by saying "And General misses you, too!" Needless to say we don't visit Jane much anymore.
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