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  Marge send the kids to the neighbors. I'm coming home loaded.
Homer Simpson

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  I was pregnant and got a bad case of diarrhea. I suffered with it for three long days, until I finally decided to call my doctor. He made an appointment for me to see a specialist. I was told to bring in a stool sample. Well, being in the emotional state I was in, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to provide a sample of diarrhea.

Soooooo I did what seemed logical to me at the time: I took my very biggest Tupperware bowl and sat on it and did my business. I put the lid on the bowl, and brought the whole bowl to the doctor.

At the doctor's office, I placed the bowl on his desk. If you could have seen the look on the doctor's face! I wish I would have had a camera with me. The doctor took my "sample" to the lab to analyze it, and when he returned he asked me if it was always that "potent." That was the moment when I started to get embarrassed. I could have just crawled in a corner right then and there!

A nurse rinsed out my bowl and handed it back to me. I turned around and put it in the trash. And moral of the story? Tupperware really does seal in the freshness! Everytime I think about this story, I get embarrassed all over again. I can't believe that I did what I did! Instead of a tiny little sample, I brought them a big bowl full of sealed in freshness!
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